La tua attività
nel cuore di Parma

Impresa Grossi S.r.l.

About the project

The available usable area is 1,000 sq. M. The possible uses are: directional, commercial, laboratory and personal service activities, foodstuff delivery and sale, manufactured articles of daily use and / or clothing.
The property has been designed with high technology level with photovoltaic system and temperature and humidity control systems, the structure and closures of the enclosure follow the best technologies in terms of passive energy containment and acoustic abatement.

* shopping and business center
* A high visibility area with intense public passage
* lot of parking places, even for your visitors


shopping and business center

The large glazing and the free plant are ideal for becoming offices and shops that require visibility and flexible spaces

good location close to city center

The great location close to the center and the main administrative offices of the city

customizable open spaces

new methods of house fabrication made the open-space plan possible. it offered an easy way to skirt the problem of customization by trasforming the interior ino dynamic, multifunctional space.

Architecture & Design

high quality materials
All materials that have the appropriate properties and high quality are attractive and a necessity to ensure that the end product maintains a high standard and is suitable for its purpose.

equipped with sound proofing technologies
The choice of products with sound insulation capacities that are not only superior to the recommended ranges for ambient, but hanks to their specific characteristics. The glass can reach 51 dB of sound barrier that makes glass blocks the preferred material even in very noisy environments, because they can combine optimum insulation with creativity and aesthetics.

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